Our WordPress development team has been working with WordPress when it was used as just a blogging solution. Over the years, WordPress has grown considerably and now is a respected open-source solution for blogging, content management system, e-commerce website platform.

WordPress = Powerful SEO Tools + Easy To Use Interface

WordPress gives you the freedom to create any type of website, blog, portfolio, and can even be integrated into other platforms. With 80-90% of the SEO mechanics taken care of for you, WordPress is exceptionally SEO friendly. For more detailed SEO control, there are many WordPress plugins available to manage SEO for you. Often likened to using Microsoft Word, it is very intuitive to use. Because WordPress is browser-based, connecting to the internet is all it takes to make posts and provide up-to-date information. And since WordPress is built for publishing, it is easy to push content to social networks and broadcast your messages to the world.

WordPress has some great out-of-the-box plugins that can be easily customized to fit your business needs. WordPress can also be integrated into other platforms to be used as the main platform for the blogging portion of any site. With the help of EchoTech Group, the actual functionality of WordPress is nearly limitless.

High Tide Packages

There was a time when the world’s boundaries were expanding, where human knowledge and experience flourished at the helm of commerce and industry spreading across distant waters and landscapes unknown upon the high seas. The world has changed dramatically since then, and we live in a time where the human frontier has moved beyond the physical or the natural, coming to rest in a digital realm that is boundless and expansive.

Captains of industry no longer sail ships into the fray for the opportunity to trade goods and knowledge with distant lands. Enterprise and commerce are no longer conducted from the bow of a merchant ship. We live in a world that is connected by oceans of data, electronic devices narrowing the gap between all people, rivers of consumers roving online shops and sites in a landscape that can only be described as a fierce online arena.

The birth of the internet age elevated enterprise from its knees and challenged the way people connect to companies on a global level. A mobile revolution occurred, and a vital necessity emerged: to drive your business forward with an online presence that is striking, superior in design, mobile responsive and excels above all others. In the digital age, this means a successful website must have a cutting-edge modern design built with the best in class web development practices. There is no gimmick or trick; there is only a certainty that your business site must be an endeavor that will engage your customers on the best of terms, and with the best of tools.