ETG Capital: A Custom Designed Digital Solutions Package for Multi-Page Business Websites

Introducing ETG Capital, a custom web development package for startup websites that embraces cutting edge web design for your business needs. We have included premium features in the ETG Capital package that will provide sleek uniformity and continuity for your content across an unlimited number of pages with coordinated templated design. ETG Capital will give your business an edge over the competition through built-in premium features, groundbreaking modern design, and innovative digital technology that utilizes the best in class SEO practices and mobile responsiveness to take your business to the next level.

Unique Multi-Page Site Design with More Room to Play

Create a formidable online presence and have more room to play with an ETG Capital business website. Your homepage will set a new standard with color-coordinated design, uniform headers and footers, a company logo, and a contact form. There are numerous benefits of having a multi-page design for your business site and ETG Capital was created specifically to cater to your business needs.

ETG Capital websites comprise a unique home page and custom internal pages with a templated design. Utilize the best SEO practices by creating unique landing pages and specific URL’s to maximize the online presence of your business. ETG Capital will have the versatility to drive traffic and direct users to your site while giving you the opportunity to spread content across multiple pages.

Your business needs are taken into account when the site is built and your content will look professional and consistent across all pages. An ETG Capital website will empower your business with the best in class design practices while providing you a site that will not only outclass your competition but project your business forward.

Outperform Competition & Join the Mobile Revolution

Competition in the online arena is fierce and mobile user experience is now more important than ever since the emergence of smartphones and tablets. Nearly 80% of internet users own a smartphone and over 1 billion people access the web from their mobile devices. 4 out of 5 consumers use smart phones to search online for products and services. An ETG Capital business site is versatile on desktop but also delivers a pristine mobile experience. Your ETG Capital website will employ the best SEO practices and provide optimal viewing and interaction for all mobile users.

ETG Capital Design Key Features

  • Color-Coordinated Unique Home Page Design with Video or Slider Banner
  • Color-Coordinated Internal Page Templated Design
  • Uniform Headers and Footers with Logo and Contact Form
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Testimonials

ETG Capital 3rd Party Integration

  • SEO Implementation with Yoast Installation & Configuration
  • Google Map Integration
  • Social Media Integration

A Reliable Future for Your Business Website

We are counting on your business growth and ETG Capital was created with the future in mind. As a business professional you should never have to compromise on your needs and ETG Capital is specifically designed to be long-lasting and able to evolve for your growing business. If you need more features our expert team of web developers can provide you fresh custom features and digital solutions so that your business is not left behind. Your ETG Capital business website will be built to suit your needs and will ensure that design and functionality are always expandable.

Award Winning Local Web Development

Our professional web development team will power your business with the best in class tools you’ll need to get results and take your business further. We pride ourselves on our work and we want you to be proud of the business website we build for your company. Let our experts create a professional multi-page business website that is scalable and cost-effective for your needs.