ETG Parallax: A Premium Digital Solutions Package for Professional Business Websites

We exist in a digital age that has transformed the way businesses operate and in the modern world the first step to success is having an innovative and professionally designed website. We are proud to introduce ETG Parallax, a premium web development solution package for business websites that comprises groundbreaking professional design with simplified and intuitive administration.

Where Web Design Meets Innovation

ETG Parallax combines best in class web design with innovative technology to bring you an unparalleled website for your business in the online arena. Design of your site will utilize parallax technology, which consists of a single page website using 5-7 blocks of content that can be continuously updated and managed with ease in our Parallax Administration panel.

Using unique features streamlined into a sleek and uniform design your ETG Parallax site will provide your customers and clientele a vision of your business that is groundbreaking, refreshing and interactive. Let ETG Parallax tell your story, engage your customers, and harness calls to action with our unique design. Your business site will contain key features in order to provide your business with a website that has vibrant front-end design coupled with simplified and versatile back-end administration to suit your business needs.

ETG Parallax Key Features

  • ETG Administration Panel
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • ETG SEO or Yoast Installation & Configuration
  • Company info & Logo
  • Services Block
  • Video or Slider Banner
  • Icons & Header Images
  • Color-coordinated design
  • Contact Form
  • Testimonial Section
  • Google Map Integration
  • Social Media Integration

Outclass Your Competition in the Mobile Age

Mobile responsive websites are the current standard for all businesses. Over 1.2 billion people access the web from their mobile devices and 4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop online for products and services. Taking this into account having a mobile friendly website at your fingertips is crucial for your business to thrive.  Having a mobile-responsive ETG Parallax business website will ensure that your web presence will not only be up to date but will utilize the best SEO practices. We want your business site to outclass and outperform the competition in the mobile age with ETG Parallax.

ETG Parallax Administration Panel: Website Administration Redefined 

ETG Parallax Administration Panel is a modern, simplified, and streamlined Content Management System (CMS) that redefines the way business professionals can update their content. Traditional administration panels are problematic and can be difficult to navigate or even use properly without technical knowledge and prior experience.

We’ve created a revolutionary way to manage content for business websites with our ETG Parallax Administration Panel.  The ETG Administration Panel aims to take out the guesswork and problems of traditional admin panels by giving you a specialized digital solution that doesn’t require prior knowledge. We’ve created a one to one ratio of administration that enables you as the user to keep your content uniform. For every field of content there is an administration field for easy input, giving you the ability to maintain your content in a linear fashion. Easily maintain your business site and keep it current with our simplified Content Management System (CMS) where you will be able to add, edit, and update all of the content on your professional site. Simply log in, make the changes you need, preview how the content will look and go live instantly. It’s that simple!

A Website Built Towards Business Growth

We aim to build you a business website that is geared and ready for the future and ETG Parallax is developed to be fully scalable to the needs of your business growth. As your business prospects grow your needs will inevitable increase and ETG Parallax can be built upon by our experts to provide you with more custom developed solutions. Design and functionality are always expandable and our team of dedicated web developers can empower you with more premium features and specialized digital tools so your business is not left behind but excels in the digital age.

Award Winning Local Web Development

Our team of expert web developers will empower you with the proper tools you’ll need to get results and take your business to the next level. Our agency has won Interactive Media Awards every year since our inception, and while we are proud of our awards what we want most is for you to be proud of the website we build for your business. Let our experts build you a professional site that is scalable and cost-effective for your needs.